Bringing Up To Date.

Obviously, the great challenge involved in the reinvention of advertising is to come up with an alternative that works and then being able to prove its merits over the current business model. Add to that, the lack of significant capital to meet such a challenge, head on and you have more than a challenge. You have an impossible dream. Well, Stevie Spielberg once said, “Everything begins with a dream,” so at least we know we are on the right track.

To put ourselves firmly in the real world, we developed a test website to determine the degree of interest/engagement we could expect from the content our earlier research had indicated held the highest levels of interest for the audience. took content from the findings of the IAPIA Study, “The Four Spheres of Interest That Draw the Most Audience Engagement,” and created a series of sub-topics with the best chance of making people care enough to stop, read, and ultimately engage.

The BrAnswers Sub Topics selected for the “Project Branswers” Audience engagement Beta Test were as follows:

How to deal with teen alcohol abuse.

How to travel for free.

How to create passive income opportunities.

How to determine if your teen is a safe driver.

How to convince a friend to stop smoking.

How to have a great vacation for under $1000.

How to retire with a million dollars in the bank.

How to keep yourself happy in spite of anything.

How to develop good ideas and make them work.

How to keep a new baby healthy and happy.

How to become famous.

Now that the alpha stage testing has been completed, we have to deploy our audience feedback and findings in the development of the beta stage for the website. That redesign effort has been under way for a couple of weeks now. One of the big issues brought out in the research has been the readability of content. We also want to revisit the Interface and see if we can make the sight more visually engaging as well. Those are my tasks for today. If I can get them done then I’ll know this blog effort has some merit.


2 responses to “Bringing Up To Date.

  1. OMG – you’ve been busy!

    More in email . . .

  2. Hi admin people. nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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