Creating The Perfect “Client” From Scratch.

How do we intend to prove whether or not we have successfully reinvented advertising? Easy. I have 89 boxes of an children’s bedtime book called “Fantazzzmia: Were Dreams Are Born.” It is a beautifully illustrated bedtime story book that creates a world in the clouds where children travel to in their sleep, to begin their nightly dreams. Simple enough product to sell to families with young children or those looking for a gift for a young child. If I can make a significant dent in that 89 box inventory, I’ll know we are on to something.

We used Fantazzzmia as the product in our initial Project Branswers alpha test. The sell through was significant on But of course we had no way of knowing which sales were generated by Our findings indicated a great deal of room for improvement on both and on which generated the link to Amazon. One of the major improvements was to allow the books to be purchased directly at And so that will be a portion of our Beta Test with the sales held back during the test period. Yesterday we started the redesign/redevelopment of the website. Where as the last Fantazzzmia site was more focused on giving the audience a solid understanding of what happens when their children go to sleep. Very informative and very clinical.

Our post sale interviews indicated that we may have gone too far into the “whys” of children’s dreams and not far enough into the fantasy. Also stories of fantasy do extremely well during periods of economic turmoil. Yesterday’s development session sent us firmly down the path of recreating the “journey” aspect of the child’s dream experience. We got off to a great start. Looking at the work of Japanese designers on was very helpful in getting the ideation process started. We hope to have the new site up and running by December 1, 2008. We will keep you posted.


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