Being Too Small To Fail.

What a week. Using this blog as a productivity tool has proven to be a worthwhile strategy. It has certainly held my feet to the fire to follow through on the weekly tasks I set for myself. And as a silent collaborator ( at this point there appears to be no audience to comment) it is certainly a motivating influence to document and record the infinite number of steps it will take for me to realize my ultimate goal of reinventing advertising.

I had hoped to get back up and running this week but alas, there is more work to do in the redesign and I still need to find an economic way of hosting the eCommerce component required to accurately track both click-throughs and conversions (to sales) that will be critical to establishing a viable proof on concept.

Along with the the multitude of physical elements needed to bring NeoAdvertising to life, there are also any number of “soft” hurdles to be scaled. Key among those is just the emotional effort required to sustain the energy required to do what must be done day in and day out. For that, I try to inspire myself with the search for experiences and insights offered by others who have traveled this path and subsiquently met with success. One such individual is Howard Lindzon who sold his webshow WallStrip to CBS. His advice was as follows:

“Today’s geeks need to focus on product building. CEO’s need to concentrate on their fucking customers, not how many links their personal blogs get. In my speech today at Start-Up Empire I focused on three things entrepreneurs must focus on right now:

1. Noise Reduction – Focus on a few voices that have been honest and correct

2. Social Leverage – Learn it, embrace it and freaking use it. Avoid Financial leverage as your crutch.

3. Get the product ready and out the door. Get customers. Save your ‘freemium’ ideas for better days.

Until we are all willing to take the pain and start to save and invest again, Being ‘Too Small to Fail’ is all you have got.”

For me it was the right words at the right time to dig me out of the end-of-week doldrums that greet most entrepreneurs in lieu of a paycheck. I sent him a thank you note and he responded right away with, ” Great. Keep cranking.” And so I will.


One response to “Being Too Small To Fail.

  1. I’ve moved my site over to because it integrates ecommerce, membership areas, automated email marketing and a million other things -without programming- for $40/month. And I have complete control over the look, with my own html and css – I can do everything in Dreamweaver and use their extension to build in the business functionality.
    That’s also where I’m putting all my clients who don’t have their own programming, for exactly that reason.

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