Thank You Mr. President.

Pardon my 10 day absence. It’s the night (morning, it’s 3:55am)after Thanksgiving. Can’t sleep. Lots to report.

I decided to take a leaf out of the Bill Gates School of Business Playbook. “Let the Government Be Your Partner.” That’s the way Microsoft road-tested the Windows platform. Hundreds of thousands of copies of Windows were distributed to various Federal offices and outposts worldwide. The feedback proved invaluable. I wanted to take advantage of the Obama Administration’s obsession with building their ability to hit the ground running. They have to be the best briefed Transition team in history. The website of the T-Team is housed under the umbrella of The Office of the President-Elect. It’s at I was able to easily access their proposed agenda for change. “Whoa!” I sez out loud. What a laundry list. If you’re out there reading this, go on. Click the link. You need to see this shit for yourself, Doc.

Anyway, the Obama Administration list is formitable. Take your pick: Revitalizing the Economy, Ending the War in Iraq, Providing Health Care for All, Protecting America, Renewing American Global Leadership, Civil Rights, Defense, Disabilities, Economy, Education, Energy and Environment, Ethics, Family, Fiscal, Foreign Policy, Health Care, Homeland Security, Immigration, Iraq, Poverty, Rural, Seniors and Social Security, Service, Taxes, Technology, Urban Policy, Veterans, Women’s Rights.

I figure every one of these issues is going to have to be sold to the electorate first and then the Nation at large. They might as well be sold with NeoAdvertising. So here’s my strategy. Become the client. That’s it. Short, simple. In your face. How do I intend to do that?

Right after my last post, I began to follow-up on Team Obama. I got people who got people who were close to Michelle Obama at school. Cool, in its place. But I figured whatever it was going to take to execute my strategy, it had to be by the book. I have a profound respect for the Brothers Emmanuel. Not to mention the integrity of the President-elect.

On November 19, 2008 I formally proposed the establishment of the White House Office of Creative Affairs(OCA): A Think Tank for America. I proposed it to the “vision” section of the website.

At the end of my proposal I wrote a footnote to the over-work, coffee-frazzled Obama Worker in Chicago reading this thing, to wit:

“Like all ideas, it is only as real as the energy dedicated to make it so. You, as the person reading this message can either say,”Hey, this guy may be on to something,” and pass it up the line. Or you might hit delete and go to the next one in your stack of thousands. That decision, I leave to you.

But if I believe that this idea has merit, then I am not going to leave its fate up to an overworked government representative to decide. I am going to try every avenue at my disposal to bring it to the attention of the powers that can make it real. Since the Obama Administration has made a policy of transparency by making the statement:

“President-elect Obama has pledged to change the way Washington works, and that begins with shifting influence away from special interests and restoring it to the everyday Americans who are passionate about fixing the problems facing our country.

Opening up the Transition means listening to your ideas and stories and providing a window into how the process works. “

I will therefore test the depth of my passion by starting such an office on my own, just to see if it is worthy of the attention of the Administration. If you have an interest in learning more you can visit this ad hoc White House Office of Creative Affairs by going to”

The Web Banner we sent to show we are serious.

The Web Banner we sent to show we are serious.

Yup. That’s right. I built an interactive online pilot office that can enlist ideas from creative people around the world. We will forward everything that comes in to John Podesta, the co-chair of the Transition team and my soon-to-be-new best friend. I’m not playing around out here.

I covered the launch of in Checking the webstats brought up a sharp increase in traffic out of Performance Systems in D.C and a visitor from the D.C. office of Accenture. Traffic from Europe showed a significant rise as well. We’ll check back in a week after the webcrawlers have there way with us.

Certainly another benefit of the (other than helping us in the search engines every time we link to them) is to act as a second testing beacon working with to provide a working NeoAdvertising business model. O.K. It’s 5am. I can get some sleep now. In the spirit of Thanksgiving. Thank you. And thank you President Elect Obama for making us believe we can actually pull this thing off.

BTW: I totally fell off my calender for the past two weeks on stuff like getting Fantazzzia back on line and developed. Bad Builder! Bad Builder! I did get quite a bit done on the mothership It should be relaunched this coming week if can I work at getting back on-time starting Monday. I will. Promise.


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