“Time Will Take You Out”.

In the words of that famous negro philosopher James Brown, “Money won’t change you, but time will take you out.”  Time. The great liquifier. The element that can wear away the strongest desire. I’m trying my best to get it under control. We’ve been very productive under this transparency of process business model. I tell the world I’m gonna do something. And then I have to deliver. Shit is getting done, Jack.

But not enough shit and not in enough time. Now we are in the outreach phase and I’m reaching out to every corner of the Political Blogosphere to chat up our proposed White House Office of Creative Affairs. That is where time is kicking my ass. It takes forever to research and write something that won’t get me flamed. But i have to press on. The other issue is the development of the actual proposal. That’s the horror story for this week. Stay tuned.


One response to ““Time Will Take You Out”.

  1. That’s my own horror story as well. I’m working on getting my own time under control – then maybe I can offer some without making a liar out of myself. I’m convinced that Goodbarry is the right choice for people like us – but it still has a learning curve – and when I get a little higher on it maybe I can put my shoulder toward some Branswers lifting.

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