Do I look out of breath”

OK. We finally got the political side of NeoAdvertising up even with the life-style side of NeoAdvertising. The learning curve was certainly a lot steeper this time around. That could be because the track to the White House is a lot hotter these days. Certainly hotter than anything to do with Madison Avenue. I can’t say the rush wasn’t worth the effort. Just the act of spending two weeks with the American Electorate on was a force-fed education in the power of promises made and promises broken. Easily tens of thousands of energized and frustrated Americans responded to the invitation of the President-Elect to share with the rest of their countrymen, the effect of the Economic Crisis on What they gave us was a snapshot of the frustrations of a Nation that has been betrayed by those they afforded the highest measure of trust. Bummer.

However, in the midst of all of  that angst, amazing insights and inspired ideas were finding themselves buried in a web forum that literally creaks from lack of scalability to handle the load factors of a pissed-off populus. I was drawn in to the desperate, yet heartfelt outpouring. At first it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Each posting more angry and scared then the one before it. After the first few hundred posts, patterns began to surface. “Fuck bailing out the car companies. Bail us out.” was a very, very popular sentiment. Some even sent elaborate calculations of how the proposed bailout money would break down zip code by zip code and address by address. Others were satisfied  to just let Uncle Sam figure it out and send off that checksky.

Then there was David Swingle. He came up with the idea that banks that were being bailed out should use a portion of the bailout money to make loans to people who wanted to put solar energy collectors on their roof. The energy should be collected in a power-grid and sold to the local utility company. The profits should then be spent on more solar energy cells that the bailed out banks would install on the house they took under foreclosure. I knew that great idea was destined for an obscure and ignoble death, buried in page after page of woe is me’s. And there were more ideas the deeper I went. IAPIA had already been working on a proposal to the Transition Team for the establishment of a White House Office of Creative Affairs. We were positioning it as a “Think Tank for America.”

The existence of this ever-growing data base of innovative input from John and Jane Public would more than justify such a high profile government address. And it would provide IAPIA the perfect test-bed for a wide range of NeoAdvertising practices.

You can see where we are at this point by visiting

More details to come.


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