I Need This.

Not financially. I’m coo. I need this for my soul to be at peace with my carbon footprint during my time on the planet. The hard part is keeping up the will to win. I would rather slip behind the wheel of my black on black Corvette Classic L4 and hit PCH to Zuma. Slow move in to me reinventing advertising as I watch for dolphins. This is all hard and shit. Sometimes I just want to chill. But there are times when I want to do more than that. There are times that I just want to walk off into the Mulholland sunset. Walk off and never look back. That’s when it’s time to soldier on. These past two weeks have been rough. Long on hours. Short on sleep. We dance on. People say they’ll get back to us. Radio silence. Nothing going on with them. We march on. Time To Think Hard America. Ask yourself these four questions:

1.) Where are you?
2.) Where do you want to go?
3.) What will it take to get you there? 
4.) What have I done TODAY to make it happen?

So I’m back on point. My name is Harry Webber and I am Reinventing Advertising.


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