What Does Any Of This Mean To You?

A few people are following this rolling circus we call NeoAdvertising. I have gotten to talk to a number of you. It seems that what most of you are interested in is the idea of no more advertising as usual. You can gather from all of the twists and turns we have had to endure thus far that nothing “different” or “non-standard” is accomplished over night. There are also tremendous insights into the sheer number of seemingly minor tasks that go into bringing every single component of an idea from concept to reality. But one fact is still firm and should be embraced without question in your mind. An Idea is worthless without the ability to execute it in the real world. That is the lesson to be learned as we begin to architect, engineer and build C21. The reason business model ( idea) execution is so important to the advancement of the practice of NeoAdvertising is simple. NeoAdvertising Practices require “clients” to be practiced on. “Clients” are defined as guys with bucks to spend on NeoAdvertising. NeoAdvertising has to generate the revenue it will require to prove itself. The old something-out-of-nothing Hat Trick. The IAPIA is driving that bus. They have come up with the “Think Hard America : Every Idea Counts.” NeoAdvertising Initiative, which now has a launch date of January 1, 2009. The eight business models that make up the “Think Hard America : Every Idea Counts.” NeoAdvertising Initiative are currently in development. As soon as I know. You will know. And the outcome of knowing is the ability to do. It is the hope of all of us connected with the Reinventing Advertising Movement that those who follow us get something more than the ride. We want you to think hard. We want you to be able to make your ideas come to life. We will be here to cheer you on. As long as we can stay awake.


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