I scrubbed my own floor today.

Actually it was the final Herculean effort on my part to restore order to our kitchen that had not been dealt with since before Thanksgiving. Oh dishes were washed and pots were scrubbed, but the physical plant was sorely neglected. That’s when I decided to take some Holiday time off from Reinventing Advertising and Reinvent myself. Detail Number 1. I cannot be the kind of guy that has tiny broccoli stalks growing out of the Sicilian Granite in his Hollywood Hills kitchen floor. That is certainly not going to fly with the President -Elect’s advance team when they drop by unannounced to say the Commander and Chief of Everything that Counts will be “Dropping by at 0634 hours to have a “Kitchen Chat” on the way back to Air Force One.” Time to tighten up the ship.

The manual labor associated with bringing my working and living worlds back to spec after months of adjusting and ingesting six downtown Long Beach offices worth of stuff into one Hollywood Hills Loft space 4 feet 6” high. Great for sitting at a beautiful glass desk and looking out at the Hills on one side and the pool on the other. Not for ingesting the half of the innards of a real company, recently split in two. Now was the time to take the situation of reorganization in hand with reinventing. I started at the Sicilian Granite level, intending to scrub, scour, clean and file my way to the top. It has taken me two days to scour the kitchen stem to stern. The experience taught me that there was far more to Reinventing Advertising then just defining practices and outlining processes. Your perspective is different when you are on your hands and knees. You are resigned to the task at hand. Judgment is simple. Is it clean? Is it really clean? Or is it a half assed job? That is what is missing from traditional advertising. A simple need to know if the advertising is doing the job or half-doing the job. One more insight to what puts the Neo in NeoAdvertising.


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