Time To Kick It Up A Notch?

I think 30 days is long enough to give the prescribed approach of making a proposal to the White House as per the transition team’s submission process, a chance to work or not work. Right now, I’m calling not working.

We are now at NeoCon 2

Time to get serious about our Proposal to establish a White House Office of Creative Affairs as a means of beta testing NeoAdvertising Practices in a political environment. We are currently at this point. We have gathered and republished more than 600 of America’s Ideas on the items on the Obama/Biden Administration’s Agenda.

We have scoured the transition teams comment board at change.gov with our volunteers, tirelessly cutting and pasting “America’s Ideas” into an accessible format so they can inform and inspire additional innovation..

Two of our formal proposals have been presented over for public comment at the “Seat At The Table.” We have yet to hear a response.

This is no way to get advertising reinvented in our lifetime. So it’s time for a drink and a quick decision. Do we wait for the transition team’s answer? Or do we take, “America’s Think Tank” to the people and do it without official White House sanction? Tell us what you think. We can use all the ideas we can get. While we are waiting for your response, we’ll check with our peeps on whether it’s worth the effort.


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