Ka-Chow!!! That’s the sound that February made zipping past my head. Everything was warp speed. The decision to turn the last two weeks of MadisonAveNew.com into NeoAdNet simulators was done more or less overnight. Not the best way to get things done, but the way things get done as opposed to being talked to death.

So far the feedback has been interesting. And we know that Coke’s global ad agency McCann-Erickson has buzzed the site several times over the past week. The 4A’s asked to be kept in the loop and Angela told me I was crazy for doing it. All in all, it was a good month. This is what we’ve learned. Although click-to-finish is an indicator of content engagement, it is a barrier to reach. We need to continue to work on optimum length of content in the next series of tests. Brand integration continues to be a challenge. The fading logo has received high marks for memorability, but a single page format has new issues of placement to figure out.

In my most Germanic pomposity, I must report that at this point our findings are not yet conclusive. However, our work continues along interesting new avenues. March demands the breaking of new ground. We are still seeking to build a medium worthy of pilot sponsor consideration. March will see IAPIA focus down to a viable prototype among the several content interest areas under consideration. Now a “product” needs to emerge from all of the great groundwork of the “Committee.”


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