This is really hard and stuff.

I don’t get a lot of sleep. I got a group of 12 Eurotrash and Russian code Vampires sucking the life out of me in a DowntownLA loft with the windows blacked out and no clocks allowed.  I got, “More fucking content, shit.” being barked at me in 9 different dialects. Reinventing Advertising is a bitch. But we got through all of our Benchmark Tests. Marriages were strained. Lovers broke it off. My life sucks. But NeoAdNet 1.0 past muster for year two. Now the hard part. Building the business model to develop, evangelize and bring it to market with. As of today NeoAdNet is just reams of data and pages of code. What comes next is going to be like building a dry dock around a ship while it’s still at sea. A stormy sea. But we have to formalize the way NeoAdvertising is defined, produced and evaluated. This is the next step in Reinventing Advertising.  So fuck it. It’s up, up and awaaaayyy!


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