See. I told you I would be back to keep you up with the latest. Well here it is. (sfx: long bout of unconsolable anguish.) We just found out the difference between Urchin Webstats and Google Analytics. Sobering. That’s the difference. Urchin counts every piece of cyber junk, web crawler, netbot, searchfart that bumps into your IP address. Makes you feel good to see 500+ “hits” pinging around your sites giving you the illusion of something happening out there in your world wide part of the web. Then we got serious suggestions about updating our traffic metrics when we started using them to validate content and content engagement. That meant stepping up to Google Analytics and the blizzard of data therein collected and compiled. Suddenly our numbers went from triple digit days to single digit days. Even zero digit days. Vast differences in audience reaction suddenly shifted direction overnight. We had been warned not to look backward when making the switch. Personally, I had no idea.

So now we are back to square one for a lot of our prototyping work. But at least this square seems firmly rooted to the bedrock and not afloat in a bowl of oatmeal.


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