NeoAdNet1.0 Is Alive. Thank You Michael Jackson.

So I thought it would cost us a million bucks to launch a sub-pilot of NeoAdNet1.0. An engineer at Sun Microsystems told me to file that number under “Not Gonna Happen” and then shot me a list of freeware, workarounds, urls, css tricks and “Booyah!” We got our proof of concept up and running 90 days ahead of schedule. For under a hundred bucks.

The magic words are “Knowlege Transfer”. “Mindcasting” in Twitter terminology. Sharing stuff you think otherfolks might want to know, and having that knowlege grow as even more people “crowdscale” it in depth and insight.

The launch test was simple. Take our readership from, and provide them with a little-known fact about my former client Michael Jackson (rip) and provide them a link to a masterful, but rare MJ music video from 1996 in which he states “You can never kill me.” and let the content do it’s job…on the alpha pilot of

And so it was that the audience went from (the feedersite) to ( to see MJ) to other NeoAdNet topics on Family Well-Being, Financial Security, Personal Growth, and Fun and Escape. Each content page had our sponsor’s logo upper left corner and a link in the navbar to the sponsor’s url.

Visitors spent an average of 13:48 on the site and 21% crowdscaled the content they found with their own personal slant or point of view. And 12% visited (sponsor’s site) and visited 2 pages or more.

The traffic thus far is far from conclusive but it has been returning and that is very encouraging. Next comes building other feeder sites to drive traffic and placing NeoAdWord campaigns for our current content on the Google Content Network.

NeoAdNet1.0 doesn’t look like advertising. Could it be because people are paying attention to it?


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