Ka-Chow!!! That’s the sound that February made zipping past my head. Everything was warp speed. The decision to turn the last two weeks of MadisonAveNew.com into NeoAdNet simulators was done more or less overnight. Not the best way to get things done, but the way things get done as opposed to being talked to death.

So far the feedback has been interesting. And we know that Coke’s global ad agency McCann-Erickson has buzzed the site several times over the past week. The 4A’s asked to be kept in the loop and Angela told me I was crazy for doing it. All in all, it was a good month. This is what we’ve learned. Although click-to-finish is an indicator of content engagement, it is a barrier to reach. We need to continue to work on optimum length of content in the next series of tests. Brand integration continues to be a challenge. The fading logo has received high marks for memorability, but a single page format has new issues of placement to figure out.

In my most Germanic pomposity, I must report that at this point our findings are not yet conclusive. However, our work continues along interesting new avenues. March demands the breaking of new ground. We are still seeking to build a medium worthy of pilot sponsor consideration. March will see IAPIA focus down to a viable prototype among the several content interest areas under consideration. Now a “product” needs to emerge from all of the great groundwork of the “Committee.”


Engaging “Audience O.”

Our hunch paid off about Barack Obama. We had the right people in the right place when it was time for us to make the necessary moves to establish credibility. We made ourselves known to the Transition Team both by the book and “other”. We established awareness among the earliest members of the change.gov forums of our Trojan Horse, the White House Office Of Creative Affairs Initiative. Through association with that White House Proposal we sought to get “A Seat At The Table”, but at least identify the viability of our concept for our first NeoAdvertising Network Audience. We call them “Audience O”. This Audience can be accurately defined by their common interest in taking an active role in the Resurrection of the American Economy. Over 125,000 members of “Audience O” submitted over 44,000 ideas and cast over 1.4 million votes to rate each other’s ideas.

These are the Thinkers and the Doers. These are the people who now take credit for the election of Barak Obama to the Presidency of the United States. We found a large number of our prospective Audience O participating in the forums of change.gov. Many of them were actively engaged in offering and debating new ways for the Obama/Biden Administration to address their stated agenda. IAPIA members became actively involved in the forums. We posted the ideas we thought were our top 20 of the day, on the white house test site.

After tracking our webtraffic we were satisfied that there was enough traffic coming from our Spheres of Influence ( The notification of being selected as one of the Top 20 Ideas of the Day, posted as replies to our selected ideas, throughout change.gov) to warrent the creation of a NeoAdvertising Content Network to further attract and deeper engage this Audience. That is our objective as we enter the next phase of research into defining and deliniating best practices in the NeoAdvertising Network Platform as they relate to “AudienceO”


ThinkHard America is off and running with the first eight ideas from change.gov. Time to put on your thinking cap and help us out, out there.

So Now We Make It Real.

America’s Ideas are open source. Anyone can contribute. Anyone can make them better. Anyone can make them work. The Obama/Biden transition team provided us with the gathering mechanism for America’s Ideas. IAPIA brought them out of the clutter of thousands of voices screaming to be heard on change.gov. Now we are putting “America’s Ideas” on display for America. Each of these ideas represents a potential NeoAdvertising Adaptive Brand in the making. That will be the contribution of IAPIA to the growth process in this Garden of Innovation. Work will continue this week on ThinkHardAmerica.Wordpress.com to bring it to life idea by idea. Our campaign on twitter will start next week. As soon as we can dream it up. We hope to have the first NeoAdvertising program for one of America’s Ideas by February 1. We will keep you posted on our process.

An Alternative To The White House.

Well the word is in. The decision is made. The overwhelming response from those of you who are following this adventure is, “Go for it!” So we are preparing to launch, ThinkHardAmerica.wordpress.com. This website will host the thousands of ideas we have lifted from the Obama Administration’s change.gov under the provisions of Creative Commons Attribution Statute 1.0. We will encourage visitors to add to and enhance the ideas they believe they can improve upon. Many of the features of our proposal to the Transition Team seem to have found ther way onto the Citizen’s Briefing Book, online forum at change.gov, so we know we are on the right track. Onward and upward.

Time To Kick It Up A Notch?

I think 30 days is long enough to give the prescribed approach of making a proposal to the White House as per the transition team’s submission process, a chance to work or not work. Right now, I’m calling not working.

We are now at NeoCon 2

Time to get serious about our Proposal to establish a White House Office of Creative Affairs as a means of beta testing NeoAdvertising Practices in a political environment. We are currently at this point. We have gathered and republished more than 600 of America’s Ideas on the items on the Obama/Biden Administration’s Agenda.

We have scoured the transition teams comment board at change.gov with our volunteers, tirelessly cutting and pasting “America’s Ideas” into an accessible format so they can inform and inspire additional innovation..

Two of our formal proposals have been presented over for public comment at the “Seat At The Table.” We have yet to hear a response.

This is no way to get advertising reinvented in our lifetime. So it’s time for a drink and a quick decision. Do we wait for the transition team’s answer? Or do we take, “America’s Think Tank” to the people and do it without official White House sanction? Tell us what you think. We can use all the ideas we can get. While we are waiting for your response, we’ll check with our peeps on whether it’s worth the effort.

The Die is Cast.

Today, Friday, December 19, 2008 we sent off our proposal to the Transition Team. The proposal for the White House Office of Creative Affairs is now officially in play. Time to assume our phones are tapped, our mail is being read, our downloads are being monitored. Oh, that was the guys who are still in office.  Anyway we are now in the clear.  We did it by the book. Time to do it our way. Fasten your seat belt Ladies and Gents, boys and girls. In the words of the immortal Morphius, ” We are soldiers. This is a war. Death can come for us at any time. In any place. There is only way to save our city. (Nation) Neo.” (Advertising).